ilovedust’s ‘revolution in motion’ mural charts the evolution of the NIKE AIR MAX



last summer ilovedust were comissioned by big giant to paint a large air max mural at NIKE’s world headquaters in oregon. 


the ‘revolution in motion’ mural illustrates 27 years of AIR MAX’s existence, from the AIR MAX 1 up to the 2014 FLYKNIT AIR MAX in a light hearted and engaging aesthetic. 


along with ladders, a tonne of paint and some heavy machinery ilovedust took their friend and film maker ed schofield with them to document the process – see the video below.














‘we are always evolving, we are always changing and our direction is still unknown if I’m entirely honest. we just want to turn up to work and enjoy what we are doing  – that’s our first objective.’ – mark graham, creative diretor of ilovedust


read the full interview with mark here »