richard yasmine explores geological formations in scenographic installation for 5vie

richard yasmine explores geological formations in scenographic installation for 5vie

‘silent hollows’: a cosmic tribute to mother NATURE using ai


Interior architect and designer Richard Yasmine returns to Milan Design Week to explore a mystical path of AI-generated furniture design. Jointly with 5Vie Milano, Yasmine is bringing to life ‘Silent Hollows,’ a 3D-printed installation tributed ‘to Mother Nature, its essential qualities/innate dispositions, and its relationship with our internal pandemonium,’ he writes.


This perception physically translates into a reproduction of our planet’s curvy, geological outer crust, converting it into poetic functional objects. From organic-shaped mirrors to tables and wall-mounted light, the collection recreates an interstellar scenery or a celestial scenography, with an immersive three-dimensional VR experience transporting the viewer to an alternative and mystical planetary landscape celebrating virtual sensations. 

silent hollows 2
‘Mirror mirror on pink wall’ | all renders © Cleerstudio



how natural phenomena & human emotions converge 


Richard Yasmine (see more here) envisions his AI-generated work as a way to divulge emotional variations of the self while revealing environmental perturbations within the planet: inertia vs. activation, calm vs. agitation, wildness vs. mildness, etc. These variations ultimately reflect the ‘contrasting splendor and mysterious phenomenon of volcanoes, glaciers, hot springs, and lakes. Through this experiment, we invite the viewer to liberate the soul from its attachment to matter, fall in too deep and dive within. This double thread that connects the physical to the immaterial has its counterpart in the innovative application of artificial intelligence through DeepSoundMe’s advanced technology,‘ shares the designer. 

silent hollows 1



Materials-wise, ‘Silent Hollows’ will be 3D-printed and handcrafted using foam, fiberglass, lightweight concrete, and tinted mirrors. Last but not least, the artificial intelligence fueling the 3D-printed installation will be exploited during Milan Design Week 2023 to create the first collection of NFTs generated from biometric data linked to an artistic experience by Sebastiano Deva‘Silent Hollows’ is produced by 5vie Milano and will be showcased at Via Santa Marta 18. 

silent hollows 7
‘A surreal glacier mood in white finishing on another galaxy’

silent hollows 6
‘Mirror mirror on the water’

silent hollows 9
‘Set of hollows’


‘Calmness and agitation’

silent hollows 3
‘A surreal volcano mood with black finishing and the invaders’

silent hollows 4
‘To the moon and back’


‘A surreal volcano mood with black finishing.. are we on the moon?’

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