'zombie boy' rick genest, most tattooed model, has died aged 32

'zombie boy' rick genest, most tattooed model, has died aged 32

model, actor and artist, rick genest – otherwise known as ‘zombie boy’ because of his striking tattooed appearance – has been found dead aged 32. the model is believed to have passed away on wednesday night at his home in montreal, with reports stating that the cause of death was suicide. according to the authorities, the 32-year-old supermodel had been suffering from mental health problems.

'zombie boy' rick genest, most tattooed model, has died aged 32

screengrab from lady gaga, born this way music video, featuring rick genest



genest held the guinness world record to be the man with the highest number of insect tattoos (176) and the largest number of human bone tattoos (139). in 2011 his striking appearance saw him take a lead role in lady gaga’s born this way music video. the pop star is among celebrities leading tributes to the model.



video by ladygagaVEVO

  • How can you people that is focusing only on tattoos like they eiere the reason he committed suicide, maybe his tattoos was his way of getting noticed by society , cause it’s very Easy in many country’s especially the us to be looked upon as white trash if you like something that’s not commercially destroyed and also if it’s something that criticises the Whole fascist regime most country still are living under just very camouflaged, I mean when you let a man like triumph be the world’s leading police officer and war monger then we have already in my eyes lost the battle against difference in how people can live their lives , cause we are all born alike so many people live on the like that if you are struggling some how then it’s you yourself that’s fucked up cause we where all born with the same opportunity, bullshit, people are still born into wealth and right on and so much money that it could feed a whole village in Africa if shared alike the world’s resources, and I’m Norwegian so have an easy life as long ad there is still oil left to pump up and destroy the earth we are born into just to die of overpopulation, lack of oxygen, the poles are melting and country’s will soon be under water but the borders are closed for most people cause we don’t wanna share houer wealth with anyone, all you stinking people show this young man some respect he died for a cause to point ringer at a problem that’s killing all of us it’s impossible to become what you really are whitout stepping on someone’s feet and they will ask assys see people like him as an treat so I actually he was a cool man who didn’t commit suicide why waist money to have the coolest tattoos in the world just to kill yourself, no he was murdered cause he where different searing to stand out as an outcast with no respect for society’s laws on how you should dress how you should talk which school you should go to ECT. Anarchists we are everywhere! R.i.p brother you will never be forgotten maybe you even opened someone’s eyes sacrificing like that, much respect,

    gisle Holgersen
  • I think the tattoos were what he thought kept him him and i respect that i feel like that death is always chasing you and coming closer, but don’t persuade it its the one thing everyone is running from but it is also a sense of relief and i wish he had someone to hang on to

    Cameron B
  • Maybe all of those ridiculous tattoos were evidence that this guy had serious problems?

    Will Shoken
  • Never understood the INK craze … “zombie boy” seems to have been a walking illustration, no more, of what’s wrong with the culture in general … NOT good enough! Perhaps suicide will be the next craze, if it hasn’t already begun.

    Leonardo Sideri
  • Maybe he ran out of time – because he ran out of space. It’s too bad that someone has to disfigure himself to become attractive. What’s the next wave – artificial limbs?



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