model, actor and artist, rick genest – otherwise known as ‘zombie boy’ because of his striking tattooed appearance – has been found dead aged 32. the model is believed to have passed away on wednesday night at his home in montreal, with reports stating that the cause of death was suicide. according to the authorities, the 32-year-old supermodel had been suffering from mental health problems.

'zombie boy' rick genest, most tattooed model, has died aged 32

screengrab from lady gaga, born this way music video, featuring rick genest



genest held the guinness world record to be the man with the highest number of insect tattoos (176) and the largest number of human bone tattoos (139). in 2011 his striking appearance saw him take a lead role in lady gaga’s born this way music video. the pop star is among celebrities leading tributes to the model.



video by ladygagaVEVO