ron miriello: 100 worlds project
ron miriello: 100 worlds project
mar 08, 2011

ron miriello: 100 worlds project

ron miriello: 100 worlds project jett gallery, san diego, USA on now through march 26th, 2011

world 44 shoe soles, leather, plastic metal, rubber, poplar wood photograph © carl vanderschuit

US and italy -based designer ron miriello‘s ‘100 worlds project‘ began with a simple idea: ‘to create for the sake of creating.’ a series of sculptures, rendered into photographic interpretations and now on exhibition at california’s jett gallery, the work became ‘a unifying ‘story’ that invites others [to] contribute and shape a larger vision.’

for the multimodal project, miriello created fifty interpreted globes, using materials that vary from antique pipewrenches and boat propellers to corrugated cardboard and bowling balls. he then gave the pieces to over forty san diego-based photographers, each of whom spent at least a week with the world and returned with their personal photographic documentation of the sculpture. fifty photographic prints thus accompany the fifty handmade ‘worlds’ in the gallery exhibition, and the entire project process is documented in the ‘100 worlds project’ exhibition book.

the sculptures themselves explore the possibility of the handmade, and the ways in which assemblages of material create their own conversations. to realize the project, miriello worked with a number of collaborators, among them artists, friends, salvage yards, and craftsmen, to produce the ‘worlds’; and thus the final works reflect the energy and vision of the entire community. the photographic prints represent another level of human connection and creative interpretation, while the gallery exhibition allows the number of ‘worlds’ on display to multiply ad infinitum as each viewer engages in his own relationship with each piece.

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 25 stainless steel, repurposed truck innertube, lasercut masonite, laminated paper poster, hexalite packaging, metal hardware photograph © chris wimpey

in description of ‘world 25’, miriello explains:

the sherwin williams paint ‘cover the earth’ logo became a reality in 2010 when the gulf of mexico was coated and suffocated in oil. the base of this piece is laser cut and engraved. black rubber stretches taut across the horizon and anchors itself to levels below the surface.’

for ‘world 44’, the first image of the article, shoes were disassembled and their soles reattached to a wooden sphere. now, ‘tap dancers, businessmen, preachers and streetwalkers share their new life together‘ in the globe.

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 23 cardboard globes, steel rod, wood photograph © john trice

in his photograph, john trice multiplied the image of the shattered ‘world 23’, providing an example of the ways in which the interpretation of miriello’s collaborators creates another level of viewer interaction and response.

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 24 sculpted plywood, die cut laminated paperboard, 5-pin bowling ball, stainless steel gear chase, brass plumbob photograph © paul body

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 2 cardboard globes, paint, corrugated cardboard photograph © cameron okamoto

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 11 maple veneer, die cut paper, aluminum, urethane foam, moss photograph © mike smith

ron miriello: 100 worlds project detail on world 11 photograph © mike smith

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 39 repurposed game boards and game pieces, welded metal, wood photograph © gary allard

‘world 39’ began at a californian café when miriello observed a wall of old board games, visually paralleling his childlike, exploratory impression of the project process.

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 19 wood block type, cigar boxes, repurposed antique pipewrench photograph © tracy meiners

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 1 measuring caliper, hardbound book, pistonhead base photograph © ken west

in ‘world 1’, the sculpture that began what would become miriello’s fifty-piece project, a modified 1950’s aerospace caliper is juxtaposed with cut pages from a book on american black history.

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 9 copper and steel wire cable, mahogany photograph © david harrison

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 46 cardboard globe, manzanita branch, wood photograph © aaron serafino

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 37 1930’s steel globe, lasercut masonite, cable photograph © john trice

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 17: globe by aaron kramer, base by ron miriello lasercut wood, streetclear bristles photograph © garrett patz

the rings of ‘world 17’ are inscribed with stream-of-consciousness thoughts that reference particular but non-specific places on the earth, for example, ‘i might meet a life-changing person here‘, ‘this place is too small for both of us‘, and ‘the waiter / the bus driver / the new baby‘.

‘almost like a secret code,’ miriello writes, the writings ‘create new meaning when aligned to a specific place on the globe. the alignment with a thought, a place and point in time equals change.‘

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 41 boat propeller, architectural shock absorber, lasercut masonite, metal strainers photograph © mark dastrup

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 15 welded rusted plate steel, stainless steel sphere photograph © luis garcia

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 28 painted high-density urethane foam, automobile headliner fabric photograph © cameron okamoto

ron miriello: 100 worlds project world 5 cigar box panels, maple plywood, steel I-beam base photograph © chris wimpey

ron miriello: 100 worlds project sketches for world 39

ron miriello: 100 worlds project miriello took inspiration and materials for the worlds from a vast range of encounters

ron miriello: 100 worlds project the ‘100 worlds project’ exhibition book

video overview of the use of an epilog laser in the construction of several of the project pieces

  • 1000 mercis a Ron Miriello pour cette belle et inspirante exposition ou chacun se projette a l’envi dans les étonnantes composantes de ces multiples représentations du globe.
    Une ouverture au monde qui fait s’étonner et sourire, une douce pente de la rêverie…
    Again, merci!

    Pascale Bauer
  • This is WONDERFUL!!!

  • I love it

    Gal il
  • this project is beautiful.

    ‘in the center of Fedora, that gray stone metropolis,
    stands a metal building with a crystal globe in every room.
    looking into each globe, you see a blue city, the model of a different Fedora.
    these are the forms the city could have taken if, for one reason or another,
    it had not become what we see today.

    in every age someone, looking at Fedora as it was,
    imagined a way of making it the ideal city,
    but while he constructed his miniature model,
    Fedora was already no longer the same as before,
    and what had been until yesterday a possible future
    became only a toy in a glass globe.’

    – ‘invisible cities’, italo calvino

    . bc .

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