artists share messages of hope: as parts of the world continue to endure lockdown conditions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, designboom — whose headquarters is in milan — has reached out to artists to share messages of hope with our readers worldwide. since beginning the initiative, dedications have been kindly contributed to us by olafur eliassondavid shrigleyjulian charrièredoug aitkenmonica bonvicini, tomás saraceno, and tony oursler.


british artist ryan gander now shares with designboom a saying that his father often repeated throughout his youth — an anecdote that takes on a poignant tone in the context of today’s global challenges.  

ryan gander
let the world take a turn (poster encounter), 2019
a saying often repeated by the artist’s father when he was a young boy



for this message of hope, ryan gander draws on the simple yet significant advice that his father imparted to him – ‘let the world take a turn’. the artist encourages viewers to sit back and watch, to pause, observe and allow for a natural course of action. time has the uncanny power to heal, shift perceptions, transform situations and bring forth change. rather than trying to control, stop, or change time, gander embraces a more interference-free attitude, allowing things to change as the world does. if we remain open to this perspective, we can see the world, and our place it in, in a more honest and empathetic light. 


discover more of gander’s work on his instagram, and at lisson gallery.