digital artwork sold at online gallery s[edition] shown on smartphones

online gallery s[edition] is selling collectors editions of digital artwork created by contemporary artists. currently onboard
are mat collishaw, michael craig-martin, tracey emin, shepard fairey, damien hirst, isaac julien, tim noble and sue webster,

bill voila
and wim wenders. each of them have created unique pieces which can only be found on the website.
the prices of the images fluctuate from €6 to €600 depending on the amount of copies available. 
the electronic art has a watermark embedded into its makeup, allowing it to be tracked. when a piece is bought,
it comes with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist, giving the buyers the chance to eventually become collectors.
the digital proof of ownership is only viewable in the ‘vault’ section of the site, keeping all interactions digital.
a full HD video comes with each piece purchased, adding a new dimension to the works which is unique to the medium.
however, it can only be viewed with a downloadable iPad app which is available for free. when a buyer agrees to the conditions
of purchase outlined, it ensures that it is only for personal use. 

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital art‘forever’ by tim noble and sue webster shown on a television

the entire concept brings up the question of the role of art in our daily lives. is the technological impact on the medium 
perpetuating an already impatient society, or feeding them with culturally valuable information? is it bringing us farther from art,
or making it a more intimate experience. considering how many copies have been sold, it seems to be embraced
by the population in general. 
‘everybody is used to getting everything now and there is a spread of information which is faster than a disease, 
and I suppose instead of a disease being spread, why not some of our imagery.’ – sue webster

‘we believe that s[edition] allows new global audiences access to works by the world’s leading artists. the digital format is one that many artists are already working in, and many more in the future will encompass as a part of their practice.’ – harry blain, chairman and co-founder of s[edition] s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital artthe artwork is available for phones, handheld devices, computers and televisions 

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital art ‘surfacing’ by michael craig-martin is being sold for €60 and 5, 000 pieces are available image © michael craig-martin

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital art‘xylosidase’ by damien hirst is selling at €9 with 10, 000 copies available and is currently the most popular piece being sold image © damien hirst 

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital art ‘for heaven’s sake’ by damien hirst is being sold for €600 with only 2, 000 available making it the most expensive digital artwork on the website  image © damien hirst 

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital art‘insecticide 13’ by mat collishaw is €6 with 10, 000 copies available image © mat collishaw 

s[edition]: website sells limited edition digital artan example of an artist profile from the website 

‘artists discuss s[edition]’  video by s[edition]

‘a brief history of art’ by s[edition] outlining their roll and contribution to art history