french artist sam dougados has completed a set of expansively intricate sand drawings inspired by arabic patterns. the drawings, made while travelling through morocco, are completed at low tide and, unfortunately, gone within a few hours. 





sam dougados’ large scale artworks cast a fragile and poetic perspective on the landscapes in which they are created. huge, beautiful and transitory, the labyrinthine inscriptions add a simple poignancy to their surroundings and compel onlookers to stop, reflect and appreciate the natural beauty of the landscape. 

the artworks are created a low tide, and usually disappear within a few hours



dougados’ work takes a variety of forms, sometimes wildly abstract, sometimes profoundly literal. as well as imprinting beauty onto the landscape, the artworks have a preoccupation with and devotion to the landscapes themselves, highlighting the natural process that help to both create and destroy the pieces. 

dougados’ work takes a variety of forms

the collection is inspired by arabic patterns

the works highlight the beauty — and fragility — of their surrounding environment 

intricate patterns pay homage to the natural process that help to both create and destroy them 

calligrapher moulid nidouissadan demonstrates the inspiration for the designs

dougados’ designs can also be found in spain, morocco, the UK, jersey, bermuda, ireland, portugal, and france

sam-dougados-sand-art-designboom-10more of dogados’ work can be found on his facebook page