sam kaplan builds food pits + pyramids with candies, cookies and tea cakes
all images courtesy of sam kaplan




photographer sam kaplan‘s obsession with organization has led to a still life series that sees candies, cookies and tea cakes turn into semi-architectural structures. the lensman has formed ‘pits and pyramids’ using treats that range from colorful confections to cheese sandwiches. spilling from the edges of the frame, the edibles are arranged triangular towers and deep descending craters, with each type, tone or style of snack forming a single layer. the multiple tiers of sweet and savory bites and their color-coordinated qualities create mesmerizing patterns and geometries that change their perception from food to architectural formation.

the candy pyramid comprises peppermints, bonbons and bright blue confections

the cookie pit descends in layers down into the ground

a stack of sandwich cookies is assembled into a pyramid

a geometric arrangement of tea cakes spirals downward

triangles and squares of tea cakes are stacked into the shape of a pyramid


[h/t] junkculture