french artist sam dougados searches for the simple beauties in life with massive ‘sand drawings’ created at low tide. his works, predominantly located in his native biarritz, can also be found in spain, morocco, the UK, jersey, bermuda, ireland, portugal, and a plethora of beaches around france.

we are all gods, biarritz, france



his visual language is varied, sometimes preferring abstraction and others the explicit portrayal of ideas through text or representation. the ‘sand drawings’ ask viewers to pause, and reflect on the beauty of life — as well as its fragility. due to their location, dougados’ pieces are often gone within hours, leaving only a blank slate for the next creation. each is extensively photographed, and select images are available through the artist as limited-edition aluminum prints. 

sand drawings sam dougados
coral leaf, biarritz, france


video courtesy of sam dougados

dual branches, biarritz, france 

sand drawings sam dougados
fusion, biarritz, france

imutation, biarritz, france 

heart mechanical, ireland

sand drawings sam dougados
spring bug, biarritz, france 

star fin, biarritz, france

sand drawings sam dougados
sound pistol, biarritz, france

ephemeral sand drawings created by french artist sam dougados
under the lightning, biarritz, france

sand drawings sam dougados
bolygate, margate, UK



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