a three person team composed of santiago tolosa, hailong li, and roman cervantes presents the ‘santa monica wall’, a juxtaposed architectural element for the 2016 land art generator initiative for santa monica pier. conveying a linear narrative, the mirrored wall progressively warps — blending fictional happenings in sync with the city’s reflected reality.

santa monica wall proposal land art generator initiative
wilderness beyond the wall




the wall itself, aside from creating a meaningful dialogue with passersby, uses technologies to harvest moisture from fog that can then be diverted to various needs within. developed in light of california’s extended drought; the project toes the line between sustainable reminder and bombardment, and disappears into the horizon (santa monica pier) when its message becomes overwhelming. 



santa monica wall proposal land art generator initiative
wall vanishing into the horizon

diagram section

exploded isometric

santa monica wall proposal land art generator initiative
site plan



project info:


project: ‘santa monica wall,’ a submission to the 2016 land art generator initiative design for santa monica pier
location: santa monica, california
team location: los angeles, california
team: santiago tolosa, hailong li, roman cervantes
energy technology: parabolic trough dish
annual energy capacity: 750 MWh
water harvesting technology: fog catcher
daily water harvest: 500 gallons (1892,71 liters)



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edited by: nick brink | designboom