santiago morilla draws bathing man using floating pool tubes
all images courtesy of santiago morilla





spanish artist santiago morilla has floated a site-specific intervention in the reservoir of ses artigues at alaró, mallorca. buoyantly hovering on the surface of an enclosed blue-green pool is ‘invisible bath’, a man of gigantic proportions drawn with humble materials: polystyrene foam tubes, reeds and strings. the character’s two limbs, feet and phallus gently sway on the water’s edge, whose raft-like legs are highlighted by their bright yellow color, suspended over the botanical background of the lush reservoir. the presence of the legs transforms the secluded water reserve into a sort of bathtub, humorously illustrating the scene into the landscape. morilla describes the project as ‘an intervention that is meant to be invisible: on one side, the chosen location is quite hidden; on the other, the drawing can only be properly seen from the air. and finally, this artwork is meant to be invisible because its existence, as that of any living being, is ephemeral.’


invisible bath
video courtesy of alex campos

the intervention, placed in the reservoir of ses artigues at alaró, mallorca

the floating pool tubes delineate the man’s form

a close-up of the character’s body

from above, the floating man takes shape

morilla crafting ‘invisible bath’