© meloncholie, 2010 by sarah illenberger. fine art print, 40 x 60 cm, ed. of 50. courtesy of gestalten. sarah illenberger: ‘good weather’ exhibition at: gestalten space, berlin from: 18 august — 11 september, 2011 (opening: august 18, 18:00 – 21:00)

to coincide with the launch of the the artist’s first monograph gestalten space will show a large selection of work by berlin-based visual artist sarah illenberger.

sarah illenberger: good weather exhibition © chili con carne, 2008 by sarah illenberger for enroute magazine. fine art print, 70 x 84 cm, ed. of 25. courtesy of gestalten.

— following text from gestalten

good weather also presents many of the original crafted objects composed from combining an array of materials such as paper, textile, and stones to mundane everyday items from fruits and rubber bands to car tires.

meticulously created with analog handicraft instead of using a computer, sarah illenberger’s richly-detailed work opens up new perspectives on seemingly familiar, iconographically-charged forms and content. she expertly avoids imbuing her materials and subjects with artificial significance or forcing a meaning upon them. instead, illenberger’s penetrating creative eye reveals their true essence—one that has usually remained hidden just under the surface from our fleeting and routine everyday glances.

sarah illenberger: good weather exhibition © soft brain, 2009 by sarah illenberger for sz-magazin. fine art print, 20 x 26 cm, ed. of 25. courtesy of gestalten.

sarah illenberger’s visual language is extremely effective at translating content, data, and ideas into vivid, often humorous images. whether big or small, abstract or complex, the subjects and problems of our times are pointedly depicted by this renowned illustrator and designer in concise visual forms. the conceptual strength, descriptive intensity, and spatial finesse of her style make her work particularly attractive for international magazines that are looking for a catchy and entertaining way to illustrate their articles.

sarah illenberger: good weather exhibition © totem, 2011 by sarah illenberger for rubbersoul/goodyear. courtesy of gestalten.

the exhibition coincides with the release of her eponymous first monograph, entitled sarah illenberger. in addition to commissioned designs for editorial and commercial clients, such as vanity fair, süddeutsche zeitung, wallpaper, and nike, it also includes a selection of current personal projects. the book will see its exclusive international pre-release at gestalten space before it hits bookshops in september.

sarah illenberger: good weather exhibition front cover of the sarah illenberger monography published by gestalten, 2011

sarah illenberger was born in 1976 in munich. after studying graphic design at london’s central saint martins, she launched the jewelry label sarah & patrick design in 2001, together with designer patrick muff. since 2003, the award-winning artist has worked as a freelance illustrator, art director and set designer, and runs her own studio in berlin-mitte since 2007.

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design-aerobics 2011: PAPER course september 15 – november 15, 2011beyond a writing surface, paper can be used for so much more. furniture, lighting, packaging– from the planning stages to finished works, this fall designboom will explore the infinite possibilities of this material. to see a sample lesson and information on how to enroll click here.