‘opera fireplace’ by sebastian errazuriz all images courtesy of sebastian errazuriz

chilean-born conceptualist sebastian errazuriz presents his new work, ‘opera fireplace.’ hand-carved from 600 pounds of italian marble, this sculpture reproduces an opera stage complete with curtains, stage, floorboards and stairs, yet is also fully functional, designed to be installed in any house. the fireplace comes equipped with several wooden figures and a scaffolding structure, constructed from maple logs and carved by hand as well.

produced in a limited edition, ‘opera fireplace’ is the result of numerous sketches and blueprints. the marble’s thickness and the level of detail requires several months to carve, a process completed by the artist and two marble craftsmen in brooklyn. the scale and elaborate nature of the wooden forms likewise need concentrated craftsmanship, each taking approximately two weeks to complete.

sebastian errazuriz: opera fireplace side view

sebastian errazuriz: opera fireplace full view

sebastian errazuriz: opera fireplace in use

sebastian errazuriz: opera fireplace detail of wooden figure and scaffolding

sebastian errazuriz: opera fireplacewood carving process