‘loveseat’ by willie cole, 2007 (shoes, wood, pvc pipes, screws, staples) photo: thomas dubrock

second lives: remixing the ordinary museum of art and design (MAD), new york september 27, 2008 to april 19, 2009

the ‘second lives: remixing the ordinary’ exhibition has been extended until april 19 at the new museum of arts and design in new york. the exhibition includes objects and installations made from items such as vinyl records, eyeglasses, dog tags and plastic utensils and features works from 50 international established and emerging artists. artists include:ingo maurer, tejo remy, the campana brothers, stuart haygarth, do ho suh, jean shin and tara donovan.


'second lives' exhibit at MAD‘a mixture of frailties’ by susie macmurray, 2004 (inside-out yellow washing gloves stitched onto calico) photo: susie macmurray

'second lives' exhibit at MAD ‘nickel couch’ by johnny swing, 2001-2008 (approximately 7,000 nickels, 35,000 welds; substructure of stainless steel) photo: jeff baird see designboom’s images of johnny swing and the nickel couch…

'second lives' exhibit at MAD‘psiche complexo’ by courtney smith, 2003 (armoire, vanity table, stool with cushion, two side table/cabinets, hinges, other hardware) photo: vincente de mello

'second lives' exhibit at MAD ‘trinity (aka bubbles, grandma, and spike)’ by andy diaz hope and laurel roth, 2007 (chrome, brass, gel capsules, hypodermic needles, swarovski crystals ) photo: andy diaz hope

'second lives' exhibit at MAD‘my back pages’ by paul villinski, 2008 (vinyl records, wire, turntable, record covers) photo: anna beeke