shadovvs by matt w. moore at 886 geary gallery




shadovvs is the latest project from american artist & designer matt w. moore. the project was undertaken during a 2 month stay in oakland, california, and a 2 week residency within 886 geary gallery where moore constructed a new body of work that fuses his bold, graphic, op-geo vocabulary with extruded mosaic forms that bring the works to life in three dimensions.



matt w. moore – shadovvs – 886 Geary. from matt w. moore on vimeo




the series is activated by the angle and intensity of the light source, be it a deliberate directional lamp, or the natural curve of each day’s sun cycle. symmetries and depth are revealed in a spectrum of proportions, and color palettes are expanded upon, into numerous parallel hues revealed by the shadows.


the exhibition is comprised of 5 chapters, each with its own concept and aesthetic. a series of greyscale cut-paper mosaics created in montreal in fall 2014 is displayed as evidence of the explorations that led to the layered sensibilities of the more elaborate colorful works created during this bay area residency.

a view of the exhibition 



a series of 4 pure symmetry colorful compositions reminiscent of sacred geometry grids, timeless diamond cuts, and architectural monuments hangs as a family on one side of the space. opposite this wall is a series of 12 square works that bring moore’s signature graphic syntax into three dimensions, playing with the eye when viewed from different vantage points.


one extra large modular construct composed of 5 pieces that hang synchronized is displayed void of color to allow the viewer to explore the subtle nuances of light and shadow without the distraction of color.




on the back two walls of 886 geary gallery, moore has constructed a large mosaic dimensional mural comprised of the same forms used in the rest of the series. this in-situ installation has been left to chance and intuition, with moore opting to freestyle the build spontaneously rather than reference drafted blueprints. 
























‘I work across disciplines and my favorite types of projects are the ones that overlap different techniques, objectives, and aesthetics. I live by the mantra ‘range is conducive to growth.’ I studied illustration, graphic design, and new media in college. after years of exploration as a youth doing hand-drawn illustration and traditional style graffiti, during my school years, I found my interests converging and I began to cross-pollinate the ideas from my graphic design work into my fine art endeavors and murals, and vice versa. one week I am designing logos and brand identity, the next week painting a mega-mural, then designing products and textiles, and then returning to my fine art studio to paint canvases and sculptures for my next exhibition. I am very grateful to have this variety.’ – matt w. moore


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