we all have that family member or flat mate who hogs the shower every morning, using up all the precious hot water whilst you are trying desperately to get ready for work or school. well, fear no more, that is if you are an express shower user, as london-based artist elisabeth buecher has created the perfect shower solution, quite fittingly named ‘spiky’. her sensor-equipped curtain features inflatable soft spikes that fill up as soon as the shower has been running for over four minutes. in a harmful yet still very annoying fashion, these colorful objects effectively push the bather – most probably when midway through singing a power ballad – out from under the water and forcing them to stop.

time-sensitive shower curtain spikes inflate to limit water consumption
fed up with the people who sing in the shower whilst you are trying to get ready for work?
all images courtesy of elisabeth buecher



although seemingly the perfect solution to saving the world from shower hoggers, the ‘spiky’ curtain in turn also raises awareness of our water consumption and promotes minimal usage. through a playfully fun method, the inflatable spikes act as water conservation enforcers, compelling over-consumers, like your younger brother or flat mate, to be more considerate of their water use. as such, elisabeth buecher’s ‘spiky’ art installation is part of the ‘my shower curtain is a green warrior’, which aims to provoke a debate around water issues and making people more aware of their consumption.