badw0lfy, miki hamano, adelina novak, and eromomen — the four models packaged below — smeared their faces against plastic wrap while photography duo, SHSadler, captured their disconcerting expressions in an attempt to challenge the world of social pressure and save future generations from the hours we waste sifting through filters. beauty isn’t what we’re told it is. in a powerful interview with it’s nice that, julia and nic of SHSadler talk strategy on the battle against standards. this collection is called ‘fresh meat’. it’s disturbing. it’s gorgeous. it’s a new series for schön! magazine.

fresh meat
all images courtesy of SHSadler



julia SH and nic sadler work together in los angeles, one of the world’s main hubs in designing the beauty standards that they fight to deconstruct. their influence, though smaller than an instagram posting beach photo-selfies, is penetrating the world of beauty one ethereal nude at a time. as millions flock to #like photos of gorgeous faces, bodies, hands and cans with the logos facing-forward, magazines like schön! — german for ‘beautiful’ — and digital press like it’s nice that are focusing on something different. women with watermelon hats. gollum like nudity. fresh meat. 
fresh meat
fresh meat fresh meat fresh meat fresh meat fresh meat fresh meat



project info:


model: badw0lfy, miki hamano, adelina novak, eromomen

makeup: satya linak

makeup assistants: alisa yasuda, tyler thompson