siggi eggertsson interview




designboom recently spoke to the icelandic designer and illustrator siggi eggertsson about his work and creative influences.



DB: please could you tell us briefly about how you came to develop your style?


SE: I started playing around making patterns with geometric shapes and colour combinations in my first year of graphic design school. I created different kinds of grid systems and set myself rules and restrictions to work within. at the time I wasn’t even aware that illustration existed as a profession, or that these images could be applied to something commercial. I was fascinated by the grid and it felt really natural to me. I started experimenting with other things than patterns, like drawing people and objects, and then moved on to typography and made typefaces with the same method. at that point I realised that I had found my language.

siggi eggertsson interview
album sleeve




DB: how do you see your work evolving and what has been the evolution so far?


SE: the work is always evolving, I love learning new things and applying it to what I do. I started working with geometry over ten years ago and somehow I’m still exploring it.

siggi eggertsson interview
patchwork quilt





DB: what medium do you enjoy working with the most?


SE: ever since I started drawing on computers it has been my preferred tool to work with, but I also like working with other materials and mediums, such as patchwork quilts, paintings, animation, 3D etc. I’m very excited about virtual reality and the oculus rift at the moment. would love to create a virtual reality world in my aesthetics.

siggi eggertsson interview
lands bank inn gay pride




DB: what has been your most challenging brief to date?


SE:  an interactive children’s book that I’m working on, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. in the beginning it sounded pretty straight forward but the more I work on it the more challenging it gets. at the same time it is a lot of fun and I’m learning a lot of new things at the same time.

siggi eggertsson interview
‘couture in the 21st century’ book cover




DB: what are the main differences between art and illustration for you?


SE: the boundaries between the two are so blurry nowadays. illustrations can sometimes be art and vice versa, it all depends on the context.

siggi eggertsson interview
album case




DB: who or what has influenced your work the most?


SE: my mom. she’s an artist and was studying when I was growing up and always encouraged me to do creative things.

siggi eggertsson interview
design for gunnar nelson


siggi eggertsson interview
gunnar nelson wearing his t-shirt designed by siggi eggertsson





DB: besides your professional work – what are you passionate about?


SE: a few years ago I started watching mixed martial arts. that has turned into an obsession and few things get me more excited than watching fights live. I got the chance to work with the icelandic mixed martial artist gunnar nelson, creating the walk-out shirt for his debut fight in the ultimate fighting championship. to see my design in the UFC live on TV was truly one of the highlights of my career, as silly as that might sound – and gunnar won in the first round!

siggi eggertsson interview




DB: how do you think popular online design resources have influenced the illustration and design being produced today?


SE: before the internet you had to get your work into magazines to be seen, but now everyone can build a website to show off their work and has the equal opportunity to be featured somewhere. I think design websites and blogs can be great when they create content, feature good writing and interesting articles.

siggi eggertsson interview




DB: what is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?


SE: have fun and work hard.

siggi eggertsson interview




DB: what is the worst piece of advice you have ever been given?


SE: I can’t think of any, so I must be very good at ignoring them.