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the ‘since never’ exhibition by craig redman (half of duo craig & karl), explores new acquaintances and old friends through portraiture. the exhibition of acrylic paintings on wooden boards is now on show until november 16th at the garage, amsterdam.


examining unknowns rather than famous faces the series of paintings are of people who have recently passed through redman’s life, both in his hometown of new york as well as other cities across the world, and the interpersonal connections that consequently developed. the portraits are seen as a way of documenting this period in his life, a snapshot of a particular point in time.



'since never' by craig redman at the garage


craig told designboom more about the work on show


DB: why did you decide to choose new acquaintances and old friends as the subjects?
CR: when I first started drawing portraits all the subjects were my friends. I live in a different country now and I don’t get to see a lot of those people anymore so those portraits have become quite nostalgic, a snapshot in time of sorts. recently I’ve been doing more famous faces so I thought it was time to re-explore friends and people I’d met recently, whether it’s here in new york or while traveling or online or whatever – the paintings are a nod to those relationships, whether established or new.



'since never' by craig redman at the garage



DB: how does depicting people you know well compare to celebrities or other commissions?
CR: it’s easier to draw someone you know for sure. I’m familiar with their personalities and temperaments and can make decisions about things like color based on those traits. you’re also more aware of slight gestures or ticks a friend might have, it could be slight upturn of a smile or a furrowed brow that really embodies the subject, stuff you’re more likely to know if you have a close relationship with them.



'since never' by craig redman at the garage



DB: how has your portraiture style evolved over the years?
CR: the portraits were only black and white initially, mostly because I could only afford to publish them as a photocopied zine, ha! overtime I started adding spots of color and eventually the transitioned into the multi-colored pieces you see in the paintings. some of the super new portraits I’ve been working on have been stripped back again, I guess it’s coming full circle in that sense. in terms of composition and aesthetics I’ve become a little more practiced at working the subjects personality to their portrait, as well as making sure I have the likeness down.



'since never' by craig redman at the garage
untitled 4



'since never' by craig redman at the garage


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