‘skull lolly’ series and accompanying images by david sykes, 2010 all images © david sykes




designboom discovered london-based photographer david sykes‘ skull-centric project and appreciated the dynamic images. the photographer’s portfolio has gained some public awareness, but, as you, our readers know, we especially love a deathly motif, and chose to investigate his still-life series for this reason. sykes developed the skull-sicle photographic series ‘skull lolly’ with UK craftsmen, hamilton ice sculptors. while the form of the still-life object was crafted by the ice sculptors, sykes captured the liveliness of the deathly shape with precise positioning and comprehension of light in the composition of each work. sykes’ professional and advertising portfolio is comprised of images which often combine every-day objects such as food, art and design in a surrealistic still-life approach. 

skull popsicles by david sykes a chocolate skull lolly paired with its melted raw material, 2010

skull popsicles by david sykes left: a piece from ‘skull lolly’, 2012 right: ‘light ice cream’, 2010