‘wurst worst’ by slinkachu image © slinkachu

‘wurst worst’ is the latest miniature installation from london-based artist slinkachu. situated in stuttgart, germany, the work depicts a food vendor selling street meat under the storefront name ‘wunder wurst’. however, to the left of the main attraction, one notices a rat surrounded by its droppings with men, seemingly street cleaners, picking up the poop and hauling it over to the food cart for sale. perhaps a poke at the popularity of sausage and its consumption as a favorite street food, ‘wurst worst’ could also be interpreted as a commentary on the general global state of public health and food safety.

slinkachu: worst wurst the rat… image © slinkachu

slinkachu: worst wurst men dressed in uniform collect the rat droppings for sale at the nearby street meat vendor image © slinkachu

slinkachu: worst wurst ‘wunder wurst’ in business image © slinkachu

slinkachu: worst wurst overall view of the miniature installation located near a dumpster image © slinkachu