‘k.94 (3rd version)’ by frank stella, 2006 (aluminum prt, spray paint)

slough david nolan gallery, new york may 28 – june 27, 2009

new york’s david nolan gallery is currently showing the group exhibition ‘slough’, curated by artist steve dibenedetto. the exhibition’s impetus was the flexibility of the word slough. the works in the show all explore ideas of ‘marginal territory, accumulation, holes and residue’. some works are clearly reflective of this theme, while other more unexpectedly so. the collection of pieces on show range in both medium and artistic period. there will be a combination of contemporary and twentieth century works connecting the new and old. artists featured in the show include vito acconci, jon kessler, dieter roth, frank stella and andy warhol, among others.


'slough' at david nolan gallery‘this just out paintant’ by fabian marcaccio, 2008-9 (pigmented inks on structural canvas, alkyd paint and silicone)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘pink lady: amfar benefit, cannes’ by jessica craig martin, 2008 (digital c-print)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘the theory of catastrophe’ by malcolm morley, 2004 (oil on linen)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘schlect erkennbaren blumen still-leben’ by dieter roth, 1977/79 (paint, graphite and cardboard on wood)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘an abdication of logical thinking’ by john miller, 2009 (assorted objects, plaster, paper mache and imitation gold leaf on panel)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘untitled’ by dan colen, 2008 (chewing gum and chewing gum wrapper in artist’s frame)

'slough' at david nolan gallery‘untitled’ by michelle segre, 2009 (papier-mache, metal, beeswax, oil, acrylic)