‘photo-transformation’ by lucas samaras, 1973

on june 21 and 22, sotheby’s auctioned off over 1,200 works from the polaroid collection of photography. every piece from  diverse collection of works was sold, most fetching over their estimated price. the collection features works created using polaroid’s instant photography technology and its standard film products. artist featured in the collection include ansel adams, chuck close, david hockney, robert mapplethorpe, helmut newton, robert rauschenberg and  andy warhol.


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sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘grand tetons and the snake river, grand teton national park, wyoming’ by ansel adams, 1942

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘selected images from the wild west’ by david levinthal, 1986-2002

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘selected images from the series on justice’ by dorthea lange, 1955

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection ‘9 part self-portrait’ by chuck close, 1987

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘japanese sky (from the bleacher series)’ by robert rauschenberg, 1988

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘fay and andrea’ by william wegman, 1987

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection   ‘andy being chocked’ by andy warhol, 1978

sotheby’s auctions polaroid collection‘imogen + hermiane. pembroke studios, london, 30th july, 1982’ by david hockney, 1982