sound sculpture by zimoun brings packing paper to life
image courtesy of orbital garden bern, switzerland




amalgamating sound, space and simple mechanical parts, bern-based studio zimoun constructs immersive installations that breathe life into humble objects and items. their latest auditory sculpture, ’43 prepared dc-motors, 31.5kg packing paper‘ mobilizes a massive plane of crumpled brown sheets, installed on the ground at the orbital garden bern, switzerland. the motors situated beneath the crimped paper arrangements subtly animate the sweeping surface, shifting different segments at various intervals so that the entire expanse seems to be slowly inhaling and exhaling. steadily in motion, the field stirs with a rustling sound that is very much a part of the sculpture’s intention — patterns of noise and sequences of echoing audio materialize in the kinetic sphere.


43 prepared dc-motors, 31.5kg packing paper, 2013
video courtesy of studio zimoun

installation view at the orbital garden bern, switzerland
all images below courtesy / © studio zimoun

the expanse of brown paper stirs with motors beneath

detail of the stacks of paper