‘MVHV’ by the saline project 3D lenticular image series

brooklyn-based studio the saline project have diverted their talent for creating music videos, and applied it to GIF art in their image series entitled ‘monsters, villains, heroes and victims’ (MVHV). brothers adam and ben toht along with jesse roff and liam kirtley make up the collective who will showcase up to thirteen pieces, all of which broaden the traditional computerized GIF art-form from a basic animated visual to one that also illustrates depth and volume.

this technique has been dubbed ‘3D lenticular imagery’ and was achieved through photographing the scenes in a studio, and then reproduced into a type of photo collage, cut up in a particular way to give the illusion of dimension.

the team, who have in the past created music videos for the likes of modest mouse and the cure describe the serendipitous process behind the concept:

‘we do a lot of fooling around and experimentation, and MVHV came out of one of those experiments, really it’s a mash-up of a bunch of things that we love dearly. we’ve always been drawn to dark, iconic characters and the look and feel of film noir.’

the remainder of the images are aimed to be released coinciding with halloween, given the spooky subjects, with a show in new york, then published online from which they will make an ‘art app’, so viewers can see them on phones and ipads.

spooky 3D lenticular GIFs by the saline project the effect is achieved through a specialized photo collage technique

spooky 3D lenticular GIFs by the saline project the remainder of the thirteen pieces are aimed to be released for halloween

spooky 3D lenticular GIFs by the saline project

spooky 3D lenticular GIFs by the saline project

a 3D video called ‘jungle’ that uses similar techniques by the saline project