star wars characters get reimagined as luxury sports cars
(above) darth vader BMW Z4 death star edition
images courtesy of carwow




it’s 2016 — star wars: the force awakens was a smash hit at the box office, and the film’s characters past and present have a bit of cash burning holes in their space pockets. naturally, they’ve come to earth with one thing in mind – to source some new cars to take back to their galaxy and show off to their friends.


with this fictional scenario in mind, carwow — a UK-based online car dealership — has envisioned eight concept vehicles fit for the film franchise’s most loved, and hated, characters. special edition vehicles visualized for the series include the ‘darth vader BMW Z4 death star edition’ — a sleek black cruiser featuring a built-in cow catcher that mimics darth’s distinctive mouthpiece and a convertible armored roof; the ‘alfa romeo giulia stormtrooper edition’ — an all-white, low-the-ground sports car modeled after the soldiers’ plastoid body armor; and the ‘han solo milliennium hellcat’ — a modified dodge sharger hellcat boasting a massive headlight that mirrors his ship’s sublight engines.

darth maul 2016 hornda NSX

alfa romeo giulia stormtrooper edition

wedge antilles lamborghini A-wing

luke skywalker mazda MX-5 land speeder edition

han solo milliennium hellcat

boba fett mercedes G-class

jar jar binks and his nissan juke juke