‘cacophony’ sound installation by studio nomad all images © balazs danyi

‘cacophony’ by budapest-based studio nomad creates an assemblage of new and obsolete technology devices in a sound installation that aims to illustrate the lapses and problems in the flow of information. a series of walkman players are mounted to the wall, loaded with cassettes that are all reading from the same tape, which runs in and out of the devices. a single speaker is connected to each player, although left at varying volume levels. together the technology creates a confusing, chaotic sound, even though the progress of each individual tape player can be heard clearly when a user moves to focus directly on a single one.

‘the design is clear and has a transparent structure,’ the designers explain. ‘it tries to reflect human mis-audition, the lapse of information, and the social problems that derive from these.‘

video of the installation

studio nomad: cacophony detail on speakers

studio nomad: cacophony detail on walkman players

studio nomad: cacophony exposed cassette in an old walkman

studio nomad: cacophony

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