‘suburban’ intervention by ian strange
images courtesy of ian strange




australian visual artist ian strange will present ‘suburban’ — a unique communion of photography, film and installation art — at the national gallery of victoria in australia on july 26, 2013. the project explores the identity of the american home as a cultural icon, and the suburban neighborhoods they inhabit. over a period of two years, strange, along with a film crew and volunteers, traveled across the east coast of the united states documenting eight site-specific installations. reshaping the idea of an urban intervention in suburbia, he marked the facade of homes in color, some of which were completely camouflaged in paint. the process continues with destruction – in some cases, burning his work to the ground. a short video has already been made public, exposing fragments of the full project, which reveals strange spray painting the homes, then recording as they are ablaze. the exhibited collection will include nine large-scale photographs, a multi-channel, surround sound video installation, and selected remnants of the original house.



ian strange: suburban
video courtesy of ian strange



suburban intervention by ian strange
a house fully coated in red paint



suburban intervention by ian strange
a red ‘x’ marks the facade of this suburban home