‘the creation of adam’ by michelangelo reproduced by phil hansen on a banana

in following with the banana theme (see designboom’s article from earlier this week on brock davis’ banana trucker hat), we came across the work of multimedia artist phil hansen whose latest project is tattooed bananas whereby he punctures the skin of the starchy fruit with a pin. using a technique similar to that of pointillism, each perforation is made close together in order that the lines of the ‘drawing’ prominently appears resulting in ‘masterpieces’ which become visible as the banana naturally browns.

tattooed bananas hansen mimics the work of edgar degas’ famous dance paintings on the starchy fruit’s protective sking

tattooed bananas ‘birth of venus’ by sandro botticellireproduced by phil hansen on a banana

tattooed bananas ‘skull with burning cigarette’ by vincent van gogh reproduced by phil hansen on a banana

video of the banana tattooing process video courtesy of phil hansen

via that’s nerdalicious