teamlab: living digital space and future parks
pace gallery, menlo park
now through july 1, 2016



best known for challenging and expanding the digital art making practice, japanese art collective teamlab presents ‘living digital space and future parks‘ at pace art + technology in menlo part. multi-room environments spanning 20,000 square feet showcase 20 digital works and large-scale installations, inviting visitors of all ages to immerse themselves within an imaginative and surreal space.

installation view of ‘crystal universe’ —  a real-time, interactive 3D artwork




making their international debut are ‘light sculpture of flames’ — an artwork which uses accumulated light points to create a sculptural body — and ‘black waves in infinity’ — the movement of water simulated in a computer-generated three-dimensional space. shown in north america for the first time are ‘flowers and people’ — a sequence of digital flowers that bud, grow, and blossom before their petals begin to wither — and ‘flutter of butterflies beyond borders’ — where patterns on the wings of butterflies transform as they fly through space.

viewers can change the ‘crystal universe’ by using their smartphone




‘we are honored to share some of our most recently created artworks and hope the universality of their themes — creativity, play, exploration, immersion, life, and fluidity — will seep into the broader conscience,’ toshiyuki inoko of teamlab says. ‘we are particularly excited to debut several of these works in silicon valley, one of the indisputable heartlands for innovation, bold thinking and risk-taking.’

view of ‘flowers and people, cannot be controlled but live together – a whole year per hour’




visitors are encouraged to experience the digital playground of the 20 visually morphing works and to explore the mesmerizing technological capabilities at play. the series of highly interactive and inventive works is a testament to the advancement of, and growing interest in, digital art, as well as the medium’s unique ability to nurture creativity and curiosity through technology.

over a period of one hour, a seasonal year of flowers blossoms and scatters

the installation is rendered in real time by a computer program, causing continuous change in the artwork

installation view of ‘light sculpture of flames’

from every angle, the sculpture appears as a solid object of flames expressed in layers of colors

installation view of ‘flowers and people – dark’

the flowers bud, grow, and blossom before their petals begin to wither and eventually fade away

installation view of ‘flowers and people – gold’

installation view of ‘flutter of butterflies beyond borders’

installation view of ‘cold life’

a calligraphic series of brush strokes modeled in virtual 3D space forms the character 生 

installation view of ‘black waves in infinity’

the movement of waves of water is simulated in a computer-generated three-dimensional space