‘sit stay’ by ted lott, 2011 pine, found chair all images courtesy the artist

american artist ted lott has created ‘sit stay’, a highly architectural work based on the language of woodworking. in the piece, the frame of a two story home has been fashioned with an antique, high-backed chair as its base. lott’s notion of contemporary craft includes his reconceptualization of the restrictions placed on woodworking due to the seemingly inseparable connection to formality and tradition and origin observed in this medium. 

‘when viewing woodworking in the context of objects made with wood; housing, particularly stick frame construction, emerges as possibly the most widespread use of the material through out the modern world.‘ -ted lott

ted lott: sit stay   house frame chair 3/4 view

ted lott: sit stay   house frame chair a high backed chair stands as the base of this piece by which a house frame is constructed around

ted lott: sit stay   house frame chair the two storey house frame also includes stairs down to the ‘basement’