thalia de jong films makeup as art for beauty tutorial film
all images courtesy of thalia de jong




artist and filmmaker thalia de jong presents a pop-art short film for the fashion magazine I love you which demonstrates a new way of watching beauty tutorials. photographic instructions, showing every single step of applying make up in still pictures, have become the norm; de jong’s video references these visual guidelines, adding a quirky and amusing twist. using various make up from ellis faas cosmetics, the artist adds movement and sound from flavia faas. a grid of blinking eyes and moving lips, that whisper the words ‘i love you’ mobilize on screen, adding an entertaining aesthetic to otherwise fixed beauty imagery.






project details:

director: thalia de jong
make-up artist: ellis faas
model: madeline dotman
director of photography: mirka laura severa & thalia de jong
editor: thalia de jong
music: flavia faas
camera equipment: cam-a-lot