the art of chess
the art of chess
mar 09, 2010

the art of chess

‘modern chess set’, rachel whiteread 2005 all images courtesy of RS&A, london

‘the art of chess’ is an exhibition of seven chess sets created by a group of contemporary artist including tracey emin, tom friedman, damien hirst, barbara kruger, yayoi kusama, alastair mackie and rachel whiteread. each artist infused their own interpretation of the board game in real dimensions.

the exhibition is set to open on the 49th edition of milan furniture fair on april 14th at project b gallery, in milan. this event which is part of the fuori salone will be on display until the may 14th.

the art of chess ‘modern chess set’, detail of chess pieces

the art of chess ‘modern chess set’, detail of chess pieces

the art of chess‘untitled’, barbara kruger 2006

the art of chess‘untitled’, detail of chess pieces

the art of chess ‘pumpkin chess’, yayoi kusama

the art of chess‘untitled’, tom friedman 2005

the art of chess detail of chess pieces

the art of chesscase housing chess pieces

the art of chess ‘amorphous organic’, alastair mackie 2008

the art of chess ‘amorphous organic’ detail of chess pieces

the art of chessmental escapology, damien hirst 2003

the art of chess‘chess set’, tracey emin 2008

  • look at that redneck chess board! the one with the beer can and crest toothpaste! lol

  • Wonderful exhibition…..very creative and thought provoking…..even if you donot love the game of chess…it still can make for interesting conversation…

  • amazing

  • Modern Art’s Recipe for Success:

    1. Create a deliberately obscure aesthetic vocabulary that no one without a master’s degree in art can understand.
    2. Create incomprehensible art.
    3. Feel superior to uneducated masses.
    4. Complain that people don’t understand your art.
    5a. Find agent to “sell” incomprehensible art to insecure rich people for a 40% cut; or,
    5b. Apply for public funding.
    6. Profit!

  • wow these are fantastic pieces of work. my favorite peice is the “jack and dinos chest set” with the light and dark skinned human bodies as chess peices. I love the afros!

  • DWB, does knowing more about art make you more of an artist? how do you know you know more about art? How can anyone know more about ‘art’ anyway? This kind of mines bigger than yours mentality was a big trend in the mid 2000’s, but is it still relevant in 2010?
    are the pieces really ‘about’ chess? or just some cheap cash in, spreading even thinner a brand aesthetic, and telling us a lot about the artists inscrutability and little else
    Im all for ‘if I say its art, it is’, but to me this all looks like a desperate pastiche of former glories.
    Hey, hang on, I think Im selling it back to myself here..:-)

  • I notice that the comments tell more about the commentors than about the chess sets, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like”. Which is a valid point. Walt and Noneed are right: all of the sets are difficult if not down right unplayable, which is what makes them art. They are not chess sets, but are about chess sets.

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