‘I’m straight’ by the heidelberg project / tyree guyton, 2009 (painted aluminum) courtesy of the heidelberg project photo: geronimo patton

the global africa project museum of arts and design, new york november 17, 2010 – may 15, 2011

the global africa project is a newly opened exhibition exploring contemporary african art, design and craft currently on show at the museum of arts and design in new york. the show features work by over 60 artists in africa as well as europe, asia and north america. the works on show span a wide range of fields, covering everything from ceramics and basketry to architecture and photography. rather than separate the works into traditional art historical groupings, the global africa project makes no distinction, placing profession artist next to self-taught craftsmen. the global africa project will be accompanied by a special installation, ‘are you a hybrid?’, curated by designer stephen burks. this installation will ‘explore the impact and influence of africa on contemporary design’.


the global africa project ‘meuble de cuisine (kitchen furniture)’ by ousmane m’baye, 2009 (galvanized metal, barrel lid) courtesy of the artist photo: ousmane m’baye

the global africa project ‘all fingers are not equal’ by victor ekpuk, 2008 (pigment print and acrylic ink on paper) courtesy of the artist

the global africa project l:‘monkey vase masterpiece (aaa)’ by ardmore ceramic art, 2009 (hand-painted earthenware) r: ‘wild dog urn masterpiece (aaa)’ by ardmore ceramic art, 2009 (hand-painted earthenware) courtesy of amaridian, new york photos: david ross.the global africa project ‘tragedy in africa condomise’ by ardmore ceramic art, 2001 (hand-painted earthenware) collection of barbara karp shuster photo: ed watkins

the global africa project l: ‘zulu basket’ by reuben ndwandwe, 2006 (ilalla palm; naturally dyed, hand coiled, woven) private collection. courtesy of amaridian gallery, new york photo: robert selby r: ‘the batman chair’ by alex locadia, 1989 (leather, steel, wood, paint, laminated tin pin) museum of arts and design; gift of jenette kahn, 1992 photo: ed watkins

the global africa project ‘afro goddess with hand between legs’ by mickalene thomas, 2006 (c-print) courtesy of the artist; lehmann maupin gallery, new york