‘everything nice’, 2006

theresa honeywell is a textile artist who is perhaps best known for her knit-wool reproductions of consumer products. however, she has also knit a full-size cozy for a motorcycle and also has a series of reproduction tattoos made from fine lace. her soft textured projects often draw attention to their juxtaposition to the real hings. while a tool belt and machine gun are actually hard and tough in reality, honeywell’s reproductions are as soft and cozy as a teddybear.



theresa honeywell a brief history of tattoos

theresa honeywell ‘everything nice’, 2006

theresa honeywell ‘lucky bird’, 2008

theresa honeywell ‘man’s ruin’, 2008 & ‘pin-up girl – brunette’, 2008

theresa honeywell ‘purity’, 2008

theresa honeywell ‘torso tattoo’, 2008