till koenneker captures portraits under a desktop scanner
all images courtesy of till koenneker




using a desktop scanner, german artist till koenneker captures a series of strangely proportioned and curiously distorted images of his friends and family members, under the digital lens of a commonplace household tool. the 13, full-scale images that comprise the series ‘my reality 1:1’ freeze a moment in time; stretched limbs, warped facial features, and contorted clothing materialize through the intimate portrayals, cataloging the individuals in a curiously private and surreal way. the examples ‘show my perspective on reality and create awareness, of a situation in which we all are surrounded by millions of people but will only know and get close to very few of them’ koenneker explains, ‘I scan those who are or were close to me, step by step. with this I try to develop an imaginary space of my immediate personal reality.’


till koenneker captures portraits under a desktop scanner
a portrait from the series ‘my reality 1:1’

warped facial features and stretched limbs materialize through the digital lens

till koenneker puts people under a desktop scanner
the full-scale images expose the bodies in a strangely intimate way

faces and limbs are distorted in the scan

koenneker captures images of his friends and family members under a desktop scanner

detail of the scanner marks around the face

close-ups from the scan


my reality 1:1
video courtesy of rené stalder