‘stationary metamorphosis within a geometric figure’ by jonathan monk, 2008 (courtesy nicolai wallner)

today marks the beginning of ‘time between spaces’ an exhibition of new work by artist jonathan monk at the musée d’art moderne de la ville de paris. running until the 24th of august, the show features a number of new sculptural installation and previously exhibited works by the uk artist. now living and working in berlin, monk’s work spans many artistic disciplines drawing from 1960’s conceptual art practices with a personal and often witty approach.


'time between spaces' by jonathan monk ‘neither forwards nor backwards at anytime in the present and a short story within it-s own ending’ by jonathan monk, 2008 (courtesy meyer riegger, karlsruhe)

'time between spaces' by jonathan monk ‘father son shoulder piece’ by jonathan monk, 2007 (courtesy lisson gallery, london, and dvir gallery, tel aviv)

'time between spaces' by jonathan monk  ‘big ben piece’ by jonathan monk, 2003 (courtesy lisson gallery, london, © jonathan monk, 2005)