‘conclusive’(front & back) by titus kaphar, 2008 (cut canvas oil painting)artist titus kaphar creates sculptural paintings that reference and comment on canonical representations of history. kaphar uses traditional materials to recreate or mimic great western artworks found in galleries around the world. after painting on his canvases kaphar slices, obscures or shreds the works, often selectively removing elements leaving a void in the piece. the gaps in the work suggest alternative histories that may have been ignored in the original artworks from the time period. these untold histories often deal with race, class and sex, revealing the bias of art form the past. beyond their narrative, kaphar’s work is also quite sculptural, working within the confines of the canvas to create new forms.


titus kaphar ‘falling back #2’ by titus kaphar, 2009 (frame, oil on canvas

titus kaphar‘artifact 4’ by titus kaphar, 2009 (gilded frame, crumpled oil painting)

titus kaphar‘kindling’ by titus kaphar, 2008 (cut canvas oil painting)

titus kaphar‘falling back #1’ by titus kaphar, 2009 (frame, oil on canvas)

titus kaphar‘fallen’ by titus kaphar, 2006 (cut canvas oil painting)

titus kaphar‘our mother was always so…’ by titus kaphar, 2009 (oil on canvas)

titus kaphar‘bent over backward’ by titus kaphar, 2005 (cut canvas oil painting)