designboom, with TIVOLI AUDIO, is currently hosting the ‘TIVOLI AUDIO 10th anniversary‘ international graphic design competition.

usually, designboom doesn’t reveal any of the competition submissions until after the short-listed has been selected. however, we’re approaching this competition with TIVOLI AUDIO in a different manner and have decided to share some of the entries with our readers as a kind of ‘sneak peak’.

‘tivoli soundwave’ © tristan tait

‘tivoli soundwave’ by tristan tait from australia, is one of the entries.  it is a visual representation of a waveform that is detailed from various musical instruments.

'tivoli soundwave' by tristan tait   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry billboard format © tristan tait

'tivoli soundwave' by tristan tait   TIVOLI AUDIO competition entry detail © tristan tait

we would like participants to note that the entry measurements and required images have changed a bit since the competition first began. this is due to the fact that TIVOLI AUDIO finalized their contract to present the winning design on the 1535 marriot marquis rotunda mesh face billboard space in times square, NYC, during the competition call for entires. therefore, the required measurements have been altered in order to accommodate this billboard format. we are now asking that for each entry, you prepare a hi-res file of your poster design to be used as a horizontal format, 300 dpi, which should fit an area of: 250 x 80 cm or 97′,9” x 31′,5”. there is also a new logo which should be used / or replaced in your submissions which can be downloaded here.