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tom sachs: rocket factory flies its 3D worlds and metaverse space stations to NFT paris

tom sachs: rocket factory lands in NFT paris


In 2021, Tom Sachs stepped into digitizing his oeuvre by launching his trans-dimensional manufacturing plant, the Rocket Factory. This year, Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory flies to NFT Paris to launch the Final Frontier, the metaverse of galaxies overflowing with 1,000 handmade, generative 3D planets in their most dystopic and bizarre environments and 10,000 space station apartments that hover in the void, all in the name of the meta power.

tom sachs nft paris
images courtesy of Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory and Monaverse



Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory partners with 3D-building platform Monaverse and NFT Studios to create and launch the Final Frontier. Powered by Sachs’s creative vision and Mona’s collection of metaverse worlds, the Final Frontier serves as an example of hurling physical design into some form of elevation by bringing 11,000 3D spaces into the digital realm.


The project will launch at NFT Paris on February 24th, and the Rocket Factory’s presence will include immersive features including Sachs’s sculptures and visuals of the worlds. Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory will mint the galaxy worlds live at NFT Paris, and the team says that each participant who goes through the activation will receive a personalized, NFC-chipped, Web3-enabled Identification Card that will allow the participants to access both the physical and digital worlds.

tom sachs nft paris
NFT paris will take place on february 24th and 25th



Creating 11,000 3D spaces


Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory’s Final Frontier seeks to deliver mind-existing galaxies to flirt with the viewers and the Rocket Community’s whimsical imagination, ranging anywhere from an entire Planet to a Stateroom aboard a Space Station. Each barren-looking and portal-powered world draws from fusing curiosity on what the metaverse can offer and explore with concocting a fully functioning galactic experience.


The Final Frontier is the culmination of the two-phase venture of Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory. It began with the construction of 1,000 unique Blockchain rockets – the team even built 806 physical counterparts of these rockets which they launched between 2021 and 2022 – followed by the metaverse minting of 15 Mars Rock varieties. To connect with the Rocket Factory community, the factory tapped the 3D-building platform Monaverse and NFT Studios to create and launch the Final Frontier.

tom sachs nft paris
the ‘final frontier’ is a culmination of the two-phase venture ot tom sachs: rocket factory



The resulting thousands of galaxies and metaverse-ful dynamisms bring about childhood memories of dreaming up worlds beyond existence. Eight distinctly unique Space Stations house a total of 10,000  apartments, and one of them takes a triangular form that recalls Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation and looks as if it were about to spin like airplane rotors at any minute, leaving astronauts inside levitating while following the rotation.


Sachs and his team have already designed their own snowy land that may hark back to Nordic Christmas evenings with the white land contrasted by the dark horizon and luminous moon. In one of the 3D worlds, the sun rises over a still-dark desert whose ragged mountains and dryland may recall the Arizona landscapes. Above, the floating Aurora Borealis come and go, flickering like unchanged damaged light bulbs.


The design team has also envisioned what it might look like to peer through the Earth from the outside. The land the viewers are in rises through a myriad of pyramidic rocky mountains bathed in the sand and red dust, their remnants drifting like sunset-hued smoke at night.

tom sachs nft paris
there are around 11,000 3D spaces created

tom sachs nft paris
participants may receive a personalized, official, NFC-chipped, Web3-enabled ID


Final Frontier at NFT Paris

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