digital exhibition tour: the lack of direct interaction with works of art has prompted palazzo strozzi in florence to transform its online presence into a digital platform of texts, images, videos, and stories, available to all. titled in touch, this new scheme takes its cues from tomás saraceno.aria, the major exhibition devoted to the multidisciplinary artist (see previous coverage here), which has been temporarily closed due to the current nationwide coronavirus lockdown. the exhibition acts as the starting point, allowing us to talk about possible presents and futures, about connection and isolation, about participation and meditation.


tomás saraceno takes direct part in the project with a video-message that begins with the description of one of his artworks, particular matter(s) jam session. from there, he goes on to describe how, ‘our movement influences how fast or slow particles drift through the air,’ noting that ‘reducing our movement, and slowing the particles will help everyone to stay safe.’ in solidarity with palazzo strozzi, italy and the world, the artist closes the video with an appeal to ‘move differently for better times.’

'we need to move slower' says thomás saraceno in video for palazzo strozzi's in touch project
tomás saraceno, particular matter(s), 2020. installation view of aria, palazzo strozzi, florence, 2020

image © ela bialkowska, OKNOstudio

video by studio tomás saraceno, courtesy of the artist and palazzo strozzi



part of the content of palazzo strozzi‘s digital platform, in touch, the video by tomás saraceno invites viewers to reflect in a new way on ideas like sharing, awareness and solidarity. within the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the artist uses one of his artworks, particular matter(s) jam session,to describe the way airborne matter moves, and how our movement influences directly how fast or slow particles drift through the air. his artwork consists of a light beam, which illuminates the billions of particles floating through the air. as one can see in the video, these particles navigate through space in accordance to the speed in which we, humans, move. in the artwork, visitors can also hear sounds produced by the particles as they move.


‘every time that I move faster, you can hear the sound moving faster,’ explains saraceno in the video. ‘ if we move slower, the particles produce a different sound. it is a way to sonify the way we are moving through the earth, or the movement of particles into the air. this means, if in this time we need to move slower, the sound would be different and the particles will move slower…we hope we can become conscious about our actions. how the air moves today and how much our movement can influence that way. how we can restrict this movement of some of the particles that became so harmful for many people today on the planet earth.’

'we need to move slower' says thomás saraceno in video for palazzo strozzi's in touch projectimage courtesy of palazzo strozzi



project info:



name: in touch

artist: studio tomás saraceno

institution: palazzo strozzi



edited by: sofia lekka angelopoulou | designboom


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