tommy perez crafts compositions with paper, produce and props
all images courtesy of tommy perez




self described ‘designer, doodler & frequent paper krafter’ tommy perez works with unusual materials in the making of his diverse portfolio of work. from bacon bits and wanton wrappers to construction paper and glue, the mediums used are worked into vibrant compositions and colorful creations.


his series ‘a to zoë’ sees the recreation of the alphabet through various foods, shaped and set into letterforms that mirror the ingredient used — ‘K’ is made from a thick bundle of cut kale; ‘U’ is shaped from flexible udon noodles. perez’s various commissions see the intricate cut and assembly of paper into 3-dimensional geometries and typography. these illustrations include props in their design that describe a phrase or motto, each framing the square-format pieces in a colorful array of fascinating objects and elements.

the phrase ‘make do’ framed by a notebook and erasers

valentine’s day post for target brand’s facebook page

valentine’s day post for target brand’s facebook page

tommy-perez-designboom-13tommy-perez-designboom-02 tommy-perez-designboom-14tommy-perez-designboom-06
various foods recreate the phrase ‘just bake it’

tommy perez
a series of letterforms are crafted from various ingredients found in the kitchen

‘M’ made from maccaroni

‘N’ made from nachos

‘Q’ made from quinoa

‘U’ made from udon noodles

‘W’ made from wonton wrappers