toyota aygo manga comic by sonia leong, saves city from dinosaur
images courtesy of toyota




the limited edition toyota ‘aygo manga’ styled comic by artist sonia leong, follows the heroine and her aygo car as they save the city from a rampaging dinosaur. the adventure is adapted into an animated film to pay homage to the influences of the automotive company’s design team and most notably their chief designer, david terai – a self-confessed devotee of the classic astro boy character.


this pays homage to the aygo team’s manga influence
video courtesy of toyota




the artist who created the work and the story of how the aygo matches the destructive reptile, is UK-based and sweatdrop studios collective member, sonia leong. she specializes in anime as well as manga, and has produced numerous books including the multi-award winning interpretation of romeo and juliet.

the heroine leaves work, goes to her mission-control and prepares for her task


the toyota aygo is built to withstand the mission’s tests


the comic makes subtle references to classic toyota models of the past and the aygo as the mini-epic unfolds


the tale puts toyota’s new city vehicle at the heart of the action