transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ illuminates ancient pyramids of giza

transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ illuminates ancient pyramids of giza

emilio ferro’s display of sound, light, and sculpture


A transcendent ray of light illuminates the monumental Pyramids of Giza in Emilio Ferro’s new site-specific installation. At the foot of one of the Seven Wonders of the World, ‘Portal of Light uses sound, light, and sculpture to explore the imagery of Ancient Egypt. Traversing history and space, the radiant artwork bridges the worlds of the living and the dead, recalls sun and moon worshipping deities such as Isis and Ra, and draws on scriptures of ancient papyri. Two metal structures stand parallel in isolation, with silhouettes of the historic pyramids forming a dreamlike backdrop. One emanates soft sound and generates a beam of light which transcends through the second portal, extending its ray for hundreds of meters.

transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ by emilio ferro illuminates ancient pyramids of giza
all images by Roberto Conte



‘portal of light’ traverses ancient egyptian history and space 


Part of Art D’Égypte’s ‘Forever is Now II’ group exhibition, Emilio Ferro’s ‘Portal of Light’ positions itself into the archaeological site of Giza with an immersive multimedia display. Inspired by two ancient papyri — the Book of the Dead and the Book of Amduat — the Italian light artist developed the installation to follow the orientation of the cardinal points and the movement of sunlight during the day. Two rectangular structures made of metal echo the perfect inclination of the three pyramids, which serve as a mystical backdrop; the first volume guards the illuminating body and generates a beam of light that traverses the second portal and extends beyond time and space.

transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ by emilio ferro illuminates ancient pyramids of giza
‘Portal of Light’ presents a multimedia installation of sound, light, and sculpture



At night, spectators can enter the installation beneath the light beam and against the pyramids’ silhouette, guided on ‘an immersive adventure to experience the journey of the god Ra in his boat through the night sky.’ Visitors can also enjoy the work during daylight as it interacts with the sun’s path. Here, while natural light replaces artificial light, a metal line positioned on the ground crosses the two structures for twenty meters and indicates a course to be followed.


Enriching the display with sound intervention, Emilio Ferro recorded the wind blowing on the Giza Plateau and integrated the soundtrack within the metal structures via directional speakers. The sound emanates softly from the ‘Portal of Light’, modulating the visitor’s experience and revealing an additional narrative level that cuts through the surrounding architectural and natural space, triggering a provocative confrontation between art, landscape, and history.

transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ by emilio ferro illuminates ancient pyramids of giza
the light installation sits at the foot of the last standing of the Seven Wonders of the World



‘Forever Is Now II’ transforms the world heritage site


Portal of Light is part of the major group exhibition ‘Forever Is Now II’, organized by Culturvator/ Art D’Égypte in collaboration with UNESCO and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. From October 27 to November 29, 2022, the project brings together the works of 12 international artists, including Emilio Ferro, JR, eL Seed, SpY, and Jwan Yosef, set against the backdrop of the Pyramids of Giza, the monumental UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exhibition proposes a universal cultural heritage confronted with contemporary artistic practices, exploring themes from the distant past to the present to dream about the future of humanity.

transcendent installation ‘portal of light’ by emilio ferro illuminates ancient pyramids of giza
a beam of light passes through a metal portal, extending hundreds of meters


portal of light installation
the transcendent ray of light explores Ancient Egyptian imagery

portal of light installation
artist Emilio Ferro

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