travis durden sees batman’s demise within ruined, post apocalyptic landscapes
(above) ‘bat station’, featuring ed freeman
all images © travis durden




to illustrate that ‘the natural life cycle of myths and idols involves their destruction’, french artist travis durden has realized a series of digital compositions that depict the eventual demise of comic superhero batman. in collaboration with a collection of photographers whose images document abandoned, architectural spaces around the world, durden has seamlessly added elements from the masked figure’s shadowy life into each frame.


beginning by recreating different objects — like batman’s motorcycle and car — using 3D software, the artist digitally includes these personal mementos into a selection of images by photographers jason koxvold, ed freeman, alicia rius, antti viitala and matt lambros. the result sees the character trapped within a post apocalyptic universe, surrounded by devastation and disrepair — ‘I wanted the final images as real as possible, as if batman really spent time in these abandoned places.’

‘bat theater’, featuring matt lambros

‘bat piano’, featuring jason koxvold

‘bat home’, featuring alicia rius

‘bat broken’, featuring antti viitala