tsang kin-wah: BLACK! BLACK! BLACK!

at: yvon lambert, paris from: march 8th – april 5th, 2008

there is still a few days left to see the chinese artist, tsang kin-wah’s text installation at the yvon lambert gallery in paris. entitled BLACK! BLACK! BLACK! the exhibition is comprised of transparent laminating film text on white walls accompanied by a looped soundtrack.

tsang kin wah: BLACK! BLACK! BLACK!

the artists statement:

the prisoners think that ‘white’ represents purity, goodness, innocence, nobility and a closer proximity to perfection
while ‘black’ represents evil, inferiority, depravity, etc. so they called themselves ‘white’ even though they are not
totally white. what they see, what they think and where they live are all perceived as white.
the freeman, who was called the wisdom lover, grasped the ‘goodness’ and ‘truth’ after leaving the cave.
he came back one day and cried out the ‘truth’ – ‘BLACK, BLACK, BLACK!’
‘what is purity?’
‘what is Impurity?’
‘what is good?’
‘what is evil?’
‘what is love?’
‘what is hate?’