#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic


#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic was an immersive installation within the espaço das artes SESC santo amaro in são paulo, brazil that ran from may until the end of september this year. the visuals were designed by the polish illustrator tomek sadurski.




guto requena told designboom more about the installation:


‘the title ‘#tuiteratura’ and the theme combines the phonetic portuguese for ‘twitter’ with ‘literature’ and ‘architecture’.


‘designing the environment for the installation with the theme #tuiteratura required that we think about the space in a hybrid way that combines virtual and concrete realities, and the de-materialization of built space soon became inevitable. the concept of this installation draws from an approach where people, literature and time come together in a unique and powerful gesture, creating a multi-sensory experience for visitors.’


‘the content is presented ‘in’ and ‘through’ the body itself, incorporating human participation and demonstrating that the act of writing, independent of its environment, can only be accomplished through human interaction. sound, light, words, body and image transmit and receive content in a composite-generated in #tuiteratura.’


‘a screen 3 meters high and 16 meters long crosses the dark environment, and transforms it into an immersive, interactive digital cave. the visuals created by polish artist tomek sadurski suggest a numerical ecosystem with unpredictable behavior, which is inhabited by creatures formed by moving characters.  these characters react to people, creating a hybrid environment in which the analog and digital worlds complement each other and expand the notion of reality. the soundscape created by rodrigo berg extends this collaborative experience in real time.’





#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic



‘kinetic sensors capture the presence of visitors and reflect their silhouettes in electronic shadows on the interactive screen.   divided into four stages, this screen displays content selected by curator giselle zamboni. at first the visitor comes into contact with the poetry of iconic brazilian and portuguese authors transposed into twitter feeds. in the next stage, the verse of significant twitters users is re-created within the visitor’s shadow. in the third stage, the interactive screen displays poems composed in real time at the #tuiteratura installation, transforming their shadow into a dance of poetry. finally, at the end of the long screen, a circular keyboard interface allows the visitor to create their own poetry with their body’s movement and add it to the installation.’



#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic



‘in front of the large interactive screen, visitors find a waveform bench with tactile tweets printed in braille on it. this bench was created to extend the literary experience to the visually impaired. sensors recognize the presence of seated visitors and send them unidirectional, sonic tweets.’


‘the #tuiteratura installation took place at SESC santo amaro, which is on the edge of the city of são paulo and outside the recognized gallery circuit.  this area, which lacks economic and cultural resources, gave this interactive electronic experience an even stronger sensory impact and reinforced its democratic appeal.  reflection on the effects that new digital technologies have on our everyday lives was more heightened among this population that is often excluded from such experiences and discussions, while the installation also invigorated the literary works themselves and their impact.’



#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic




#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic




#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic


#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic


#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic

#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic


#tuiteratura by estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic


project credits
victor affaro


marcos cimardi (camera work)
rodrigo berg (editing and effects)


giselle zamboni


curator’s assistant
reni adriano


installation design
estudio guto requena and atelier marko brajovic (general creative direction)
architect carmela rocha and architect beatriz falleiros (coordination)


art direction
estudio guto requena, atelier marko brajovic and tomek sadurski


interactive graphic design
tomek sadurski and rodrigo berg


interactive engineering
álvaro uña e juan coll (director)
martin freixas, pau vivancos, marcos figueruelo, jordi costas, arthur fung sang, ariel bustamante, daniele freixas (team)


sound design
rodrigo berg and renata roman


exhibition installation
entre eventos


r.godoy marketing e cultura ltda
regina rosa (coordination), flavia godoy(assistant), celeste bartoletti (administration)


SESC staff
monica calmon (project coordination)
alexandre caversan simonelli (programming coordination)
ricardo martins (communication coordination)
ana luiza souza correia (food services)
marcelo alberini (general services)
fabiano mendes (technical maintenance)
vanessa zago (administration)


kaminari comunicação – ana lucas


press coordination
baobá comunicação, cultura e conteúdo


educational services
alberto tembo (coordination), tatiana arantes e igor ferreira pires (supervision),
ana paula souza santos, conrado de sousa santos, gemma patrizia maecellaro, natan clisma barbosa da silva, renata da rocha britto, rivaldo santos soares, suelen santana silva, tatiane pereira, thais moraes bezerra e vinicius ferrari lombardi (educators)