digital art and design collective universal everything’s latest project—aptly named ‘screens of the future’—is a series of visionary prototypes for future displays, based on technology that currently exists. the series is made up of short, pasted-hued films, each one featuring a different product idea that is ‘based on the emerging technologies of flexible displays, shape-shifting materials and context-aware functionality.’




the first short videos films in the series were originally shown as part of the studio’s solo exhibition ‘anthropologies’ at the SIAD gallery in sheffield, england last year. the design collective has since released 13 new videos featuring new concepts for futuristic displays. universal everything explain that ‘the films highlight humanity’s increasingly integrated relationship with technology, serving as product demos of our near future.’ the group take an approach to design that combines humanity and technology to stimulate emotions, sensations and participation.




the series includes fish with a display to tell you when they need feeding, architectural pillars that can change shape and color in psychedelic patterns, and plates that can display the nutritional balance of the food placed on top of them. universal everything is known for their speciality in multi-sensory experiences, combining video, sound, light, architecture and interaction. the studio has already previously collaborated with nike, apple and google. 

universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-007universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-006universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-005universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-004 universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-002 universal-everything-screens-of-the-future-designboom-02-22-2017-818-009