urban campsite amsterdam offers sculptural habitats for an art/sleep experience
photography by anouska rickard / courtesy of urban campsite amsterdam 




during summer 2015, the centrumeiland of ijburg in amsterdam hosts ‘urban campsite‘, a public exhibition and art-sleep experience made up out of fourteen innovative and creative habitats. a diverse group of designers, architects and artists have been invited to build mobile objects that function as bedrooms, ready for guest stay by local residents and tourists alike. bookable on airbnb, the imaginative collection of tents include a seed-shaped shelter made from recyclable materials, a flat tepee with a trampoline for a roof, and a modern white loft with spherical portholes that allow for outdoor viewing. common and recreation areas offer community interaction and cooking within the micro-society, while the industrial ‘tribal toilet tower’ by joep van proposes an alternative to regular bathrooms.

‘upside down you turn me’ by rob sweere




‘upside down you turn me’ by rob sweere: ‘this survival capsule has landed on the endless sand plains of ijburg. lying inside you can look left and right and also up and down through hemispherical windows. you can sit outside, sheltered from the rain below the object. thus, there are two rooms: inside the capsule, for resting and sleeping, and beneath the capsule one can sit and dream oneself beyond the horizon.’

window portals allow those inside to peek out to the surrounding environment

inside rob sweere’s art tent: ‘upside down you turn me’




‘solid family’ by boomhuttenfest: ‘in continuation of UCA 2013, boomhuttenfest wants to expand their icosahedron figure. by connecting an additional room to the icosa through a tunnel or corridor the object offers accommodation for up to four people.’

‘solid family’ by boomhuttenfest

a interior tunnel allows the sleeper unit to sleep up to four people




‘val ross’ by MUD projects: ‘the basis of mud projects is to breathe new life into old, discarded objects.’to draw inspiration from available objects and materials and thus be guided towards new forms and insights. it is important to study the form of the existing object and to let it speak to you in order to transform the object to subjugate the relation to its original purpose.’ — boris duijneveld from MUD projects.

‘val ross’ by MUD projects

opening to ‘val ross’

the inside of the installation




‘trampotent’ by vince vijsma: in my work, I am not interested in new productions. I combine existing objects, pictures and functions to suggest a new object, picture or function. the new picture emerges through what has not been seen before, not by being created newly. this is part of my search for my own definitions of durability, of new. — vince vijsma

‘trampotent’ by vince vijsma

those inside the art tent can view people jumping on the trampoline roof above




‘ibc shrinkwrap’ house by refunc: refunc explores the flux of garbage and its recycling and utilization in architecture and design.

‘ibc shrinkwrap’ house by refunc

the interior chamber is set back within the tent space




‘bedbug’ by franka te lintel hekkert and ronnie kommene: the object we want to create lives as a nomad: it adapts to its surroundings but is completely mobile. in the case of urbancampsite, there is not much to see in terms of natural environment: wind, water and sand. natural elements, with which the objects coalesces and thereby amplifies itself.

‘bedbug’ by franka te lintel hekkert and ronnie kommene

the inside of ‘bedbug’ features green tinted windows and semi-metallic paneling 

visitors sit around the ‘superfire camp’ by venividimultiplex