urban food art urban installations by peter pink
images courtesy of peter pink




uniting food art and urban intervention, german artist, entertainer, and self-described ‘nonsense maker’ peter pink presents a humorous series of installations made from vegetables. sunglass-wearing spuds and cucumbers are positioned throughout various public spaces and venues, necessitating an audience reaction. the staged veggies, all outfitted in hot-pink sunglasses, participate in a spectrum of circumstances — some taking the sun, rallying in a protest, and fighting with gourds. the setups communicate pink’s opinions about consumerism and policy, while others document culturally significant historical events. in one series, the cucumbers are amassed to resemble an army assembly – another depicts the crucifixion. the physical characteristics of the edibles, such as their texture, contour, and color act as a human personality allowing them distinctive attributes and an anthropological quality. an intriguing aspect of the project for pink is its ephemeral nature — food is alive, its state is constantly and consistently changing, furthering its relationship to humanity.



urban food art installations by peter pink
a group of potatoes take the sun




urban food art installations by peter pink
protesting potatoes rally on the street



urban food art installations by peter pink
the cucumbers against the potatoes



urban food art installations by peter pink
cucumbers organized like an army



urban food art installations by peter pink
a detail of the gourds